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Who We Are

Established 2014

Our Mission is to save shelter cats, abandoned cats, street cats, abused and neglected cats -- one cat at a time, with a concentration on the high kill shelters of Central and East Texas.  Fluffy's Friends makes sure the cats receive the medical attention they need, help to rehabilitate the cats needing rehabilitation, love, nurture, and encourage the cats that never have known compassion and empathy, with the end goal of finding permanent, loving homes for these precious cats without the need for long term boarding once out of the shelter system.  Fluffy's Friends is also dedicated to educating the public on the consequences of abandoning, giving up, and turning animals in to the shelter system. We promote and advocate spay and neutering and responsible pet parenting.  Though there are many responsible and reputable rescues out there, the sheer number of animals entering our shelters on a daily basis is truly heartbreaking, shocking, and overwhelming. 

We gladly accept donations, but are much more interested in finding quality foster homes for the many cats currently on our waiting list.

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